A bit of a cheat this week, because there’s a lot of black panels. But this was born of design, not laziness. So, I’m not going to feel bad about it.

That said, I’m not sure the last line quite lands on this one. Needs a bit more punch.


PANEL 1: Tight shot on DWIGHT. He’s Bonito’s partner in crime (literally). He’s black, square jawed with a tightly shaved hair cut. He wears a motorcycle jacket with a plain white t-shirt beneath it. He’s sitting at a diner table, elbows on the table, hunched forwards slightly, occupying the left side of the panel.

DWIGHT: What now? 

PANEL 2: Nothing but black.

BONITO (CAPTION): “Nothing. I don't know. Gotta think.”

PANEL 3: Nothing but black.

DWIGHT (CAPTION): “**Think**? My man, you did it. You killed him.”.  

PANEL 4: Nothing but black.

DWIGHT (CAPTION): “We should be celebrating.”

PANEL 5: An odd angled shot, of a BROAD SHOULDERED MAN shooting a HANDSOME SURFER-LOOKING DUDE in a bedroom. The broad-shouldered man has bleach blonde hair and wears a Hawaiian shirt, boardshorts and flip flops. He grins as he shoots. The surfer dude, in his twenties, is in a wife beater and pyjama bottoms and is being blown backwards towards the bedroom wall.


PANEL 6: Nothing but black.

BONITO (CAPTION): “They took him from me, Dwight." 

PANEL 7: Nothing but black.

BONITO (CAPTION): “They took my eyes."

PANEL 8: Nothing but black.

BONITO (CAPTION): “That shit's forever."

PANEL 9: A tight shot on BONITO. He’s latino, hair shaved around the sides, longer on top. A series of pockmarks on his left cheek break up what is otherwise a good looking face. He wears a preppy letters-style jacket and a black t-shirt along with a pair of aviator sunglasses. He’s sitting opposite Dwight in the diner booth and occupies the right side of the panel.

BONITO: We continue. Follow the trail. Right to the end. 
BONITO: You in?
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