I wrote this one in a notebook on the train heading to London on Saturday. I didn’t post it up until this morning as I was exhausted from the trip back yesterday. This one takes pieces from an idea/project I’ve had simmering for a while. It’s been around for so long that large elements of the world-building are in place.


PANEL 1: We OPEN on a long vertical panel that runs down the left hand side of the page. The shot is similar to the picture above, with the focus on a FIGURE standing on top of the long pole, a rifle slung across their back whilst they are covered in robes. This is KIRAN. Due to the head wrap/scarf we can’t see much of her, but she’s in her mid twenties, dark-skinned, and built like a gymnast.

CAPTION: I see you. 

PANEL 2: We CUT TO a CLOSE UP on KIRANs eyes looking back out at us. There’s something odd about them. They’re a strange colour and the pupil itself seems slightly unnatural and inhuman in its shape.

CAPTION: I see everything. 

PANEL 3: We CUT TO a shot of a trio of ROBED FIGURES riding CAMELS on the desert dunes on the horizon.

CAPTION: I see the data nomads of Dakar hawking air-gapped machines to drone-proof desert communes. 

PANEL 4: We CUT TO a shot of a pair of GUARDS wearing low-tech military garb and modified, but rusty-looking, AK47s. They’re both smoking near the wall of a low slung tin roofed supply warehouse. They both stand in the shade, sheltering from the sweltering desert sun.

CAPTION: I see comrades yet to upgrade, their lungs slowly turning black. 
CAPTION: They can replace anything these days. 

PANEL 5: CUT back to the horizon. One of the CAMELS from before is on its side, its rider sprawled across the sand. A HUGE BALL OF FLAME explodes into the sky from somewhere just beyond the horizon. Something is coming.

CAPTION: Then I see nothing. The explosion is so intense I have to switch filters.  

PANEL 6: CUT back to a CLOSE UP of KIRAN. But this time she has her head wrap pulled down as she peers out at us. We see her eyes changing colour to almost a bright yellow now. We see the grin on her face as she prepares for battle. This is what she was made for.

CAPTION: For the first time since childhood, I cannot see. 
CAPTION: But I am ready.
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