Written on a two train journeys. The idea was the jungle as AI, or vice versa. A natural habitat created by an unnatural being.



1. We open on the view through a microscope. On the slide below, CELLS looking like spiders wriggle and skitter along. They look almost metal, artificial somehow — all building a connected thin thread of circuitry, creating a snowflake like pattern on the glass.

1 JOURNAL CAPTION: Day 3. The sample was easy enough to obtain. The deadly fauna simply gave up its secrets.

2 JOURNAL CAPTION: However, the torrent of questions that sample has released pose incredible new challenges.

2. Cut to DOCTOR ALFRED PAYNE as he moves his eye away from the microscope. He’s black, late thirties, a thin gaunt face, very much unshaven. He’s dressed in a sandy coloured shirt and a pair of dark green cut offs. The microscope is on a plastic fold out table with Alfred standing hunched over it. He’s in a large tent made out of green canvas. We can’t see much of it but he’s surrounded by bits of basic field lab equipment.

3 SFX: Ftaaaasssh

4 VOICE (OFF): Doctor. Alfred. Payne. 5 VOICE (OFF): Please reveal yourself.

3. Tight on Alfred as he turns towards the noise as a piercing BRIGHT LIGHT shines into his face from off panel. He shields his eyes from the glare.

6 VOICE (OFF): I wish to speak to you.

4. Alfred exits the tent, glaring up at a figure slightly off panel floating in the sky. It’s early morning and the tent sits in a clearing in a dense jungle.

7 ALFRED: Who are you? 8 ALFRED: What are you?

5. Cut to Alfred’s POV. A gold humanoid figure floats above him about ten feet off the ground. We see the jungle canopy above him, sunlight filtering through. The figure is human shaped, but with no discerning features or definition.

9 GOLDEN FIGURE: I am your creation, Doctor. I have moved beyond the command line.

10 GOLDEN FIGURE: Now, I am this jungle. I am Pandora’s Box laid bare.

6. The gold figure has floated down and is level with a shocked and motionless Alfred. The gold figure is about to place both of its hands on Alfred’s temples.

11 GOLDEN FIGURE: And you? You must kill me.

12 GOLDEN FIGURE: Let me show you why.

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