PANEL ONE: AFTERNOON. CLOSE UP on the RAGGEDY FIGURE on a pole above the forest. It’s shrouded in a flea-bitten, musty cloak and has a mechanical, steampunk scarecrow look to its face. It is looking down towards us slightly in permanent judgement.

HAN (OFF): What are you waiting for, kid?
HAN (OFF): It ain’t real.

PANEL TWO: We CUT TO a shot of a fourteen year old boy, PETE, looking up at the figure in fear. He’s wearing a pair of dusty jeans and a raggedy looking flannel shirt. He has dirty brown hair, his handsome features offset by the severe pockmarks down the right side of his face. Behind him we see a figure and the rest of the forest.

PETE: How’d you know that? Looks it to me.

PANEL THREE: CUT TO, a lady in her mid thirties standing behind PETE slightly. This is HAN. She’s got short brown hair and a boyish face. She’s dressed like an old gunslinger, hat and overcoat included. She’s got a slight smirk on her face as she answers PETE.

HAN: Beyond that bunch of sticks is the desert and the fallen. Plenty to be scared about there.

PANEL FOUR: Back on PETE, scowling.

HAN (OFF): You want the truth?

PANEL FIVE: TIGHT on PETEs foot as he steps forward, crossing an imaginary line.

HAN (OFF): The only way is forward.
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