I was really up against it today. So this suffered a little and is fairly minimalist as a result.


PANEL 1: Wide panel. CU on a MAN in his early 20s as he runs through a thick jungle. The man wears a grey cotton shirt, soaked in sweat. His hair is gelled, side parted and immaculate even as sweat runs from his temples. We can’t really see it, but he’s wearing a pair of suit trousers and a pair of brown leather loafers.

PANEL 2: Thin, wide panel. CU on the man’s loafers as he continues to run through the jungle.

PANEL 3: Wide panel. Back on the MAN. He’s aged about ten years in the space of a few seconds. He’s in his early 30s now. The hair has receded slightly, and there’s a bit more weight to his face. He continues to run, looking back over his shoulder as he goes.

PANEL 4: Thin, wide panel. CU on a metallic looking bird creature looking down as it perchines amongst the branches above the jungle. Instead of a head it has a smooth metal cylinder with a large camera iris as it’s face’.

PANEL 5: Wide panel. Back on the man as he clears the jungle, slowing down on a small beach. Behind him we see the thick, creepy jungle. This is almost exactly what we see in the original image above. The man has come to a halt and is looking out to sea.

PANEL 6: Thin, wide panel. CU on one of the man’s LOAFERS as he begins to walk into the sea.

PANEL 7: Wide panel. Looking out from the beach we see the MAN walking into the sea, up to his waist already. He is visibly smaller now, almost hunched over due to his old age. His hair is mostly gone, only a few wisps and strands remain. The clothes are large on him now, the trousers baggy on his thin frame, the shirt sleeves surpassing his arms, dangling in the water.

Ahead of the old man in the sea, about ten metres away, thick black tentacles have begun to break the surface. Behind whatever is emerging is nothing but more sea, the horizon and a grim grey sky.

July 3, 2016 · 1page1shots