1. On DEE, sitting across a table from us. She looks towards us sternly, all business. She’s in her early 30s and looks like a punk rock librarian with her pixie-ish hair cut and thick rimmed glasses.

DEE: You'll find no sympathy from me, Bassett. I'm not like your last worker. 
DEE: I'm a professional. 

CAPTION (DEE): I'm not. I'm a mess. I lost my best friend yesterday. 

2. On BASSETT, sitting opposite Dee. He’s chained to the table with a pair of handcuffs. He’s thin and sinewy, like a beef jerky left out in the sun. Despite that, he’s kind of handsome.

BASSETT: That's probably a good thing, Doc. I'm kind of a lost cause. 

CAPTION (DEE): Mr Squiggles did not answer back. He just listened and cuddled. He was a good dog. 

3. DEE, leaning forward in her seat.

DEE: Good. If you listen to me, we can get you out of here. 

CAPTION (DEE): As far as I'm concerned, the world can go to hell. 

4. BASSETT, starting to sit up and take notice of the strange lady sitting across him.

CAPTION (DEE): All I want is something cute and obedient by my side...

5. Wide panel. DEE, sitting on the left, peering across at BASSETT on the right.

BASSETT: So, uh, what next? 

6. Wide panel. CUT TO the pair, dressed in combat fatigues as they kick through the front doors of the bank.

CAPTION (DEE): ...and to rain down shit for Mr Squiggles.
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