Fifty Eight

Fifty EightFifty Eight

1. A small rotund MAN in his early 40s sits at a desk in a small, cramped study. A lamp blazes its beam down onto a piece of parchment that the man is writing onto furiously. The man peers at the manuscript as he writes, a pair of oval glasses perched on his long, beak-like nose.

CAPTION: There was once a writer from Nantucket…

SFX: Creeeeaaak.

2. We’re looking at the MAN from behind as he turns to face us accusingly, startled at the noise.

CAPTION: …who wouldn’t stop until he’d reached the summit.

MAN: Who is it? Who’s there?

3. A shot of the study door, slightly ajar, nothing beyond it but the shadows of the night.

CAPTION: So he made a deal with the devil…

4. The MAN goes back to writing furiously.

CAPTION: …and became something quite special…

5. The MAN hunched over this writing, his eyes facing towards us. He’s aware something else is in the room with him. Behind him the shadows from the open door have begun to envelop the room. A pair of glowing eyes peers back from the darkness beyond the door.

CAPTION: …before paranoia made him kick the bucket.

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