Fifty Five

Fifty FiveFifty Five

1. Thin, wide, panel. A lush forest sits on the side of a beautiful rolling hill. The morning mist lingers above the trees and the sun has just begun to stir in the sky. It’s already a beautiful day.

CAPTION (GIRL): Says here the local wildlife were revered as manifestations of the Gods and –”

CAPTION (GUY): It really says that?”

CAPTION (GIRL): Why is that shocking?”

2. Cut to two young HIKERS walking down amid the trees. Both wear the usual North Face equipment that looks like it’s never been used. They’re both in their early 20s. He has kind of a preppy look about him while she seems much more laidback and down to earth. She’s thumbing through a guidebook of some sort. Both are chatting and smiling as they ascend the hill.

GUY: Well, animals are kind of dumb, no?

GIRL: I guess.

3. CLOSE on the GUY as he begins to recall something, smiling a little at the mental flashback.

GUY: Okay, take my mum’s cat. That thing was driven by its stomach to the detriment of everything else. GUY: In fact, I once managed to trap it in a box for an hour with a half eaten tuna sandwich.

4. Tight on the GIRL, a little puzzled, but smiling too.

GUY (OFF): Yeah, let’s worship that.

GIRL: Well, things were different then.

5. Pull out. The GIRL, on the left, looks at the GUY. The GUY is looking up slightly, eyes wide, completely terrified.

GIRL: Also, I think you’re taking it a bit too literally –

GUY: Holy fuck.

6. Large panel. A large CAT sits above the forest on the highest peak. It’s head is turned towards us, it’s eyes piercing through the mists and looking right at us.

CAPTION (GUY): Mr Kibbles?”

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