Fifty Four

Fifty FourFifty Four

1. An old retro looking lava lamp sits on a cluttered workbench. The contents of the lamp look pallid and yellow like old wallpaper. The metal of the lamp is rusting at the edges. It’s seen better days.

BLUE CAPTION: "So, it's magic?"

RED CAPTION: "I don't -- I mean, I guess so."

BLUE CAPTION: "You said it grants wishes."

2. Cut to an OLD MAN, peering down at the lamp. He wears clothes fit for a man twenty years his junior. A t-shirt. Jeans. He looks a little bit dishevelled. Like the lamp, he’s seen better days.

RED CAPTION: "I said it grants the heart's desire."

BLUE CAPTION: "What's the difference?"

3. The old man places his hands on the lamp reverently.

RED CAPTION: "Buy it and find out."

BLUE CAPTION: "Anyone ever fall for this?"

4. Wide panel. We pull out a little, seeing the lamp on the workbench, the old man and the cluttered, half falling down shed he’s in. We can see bits of motorbikes strewn everywhere or bursting out of containers. The old man seems constrained by all this mess and clutter.

RED CAPTION: "I got other customers. Have a nice --" 

5. Wide panel. Static. Everything the same. But the old man is gone.

BLUE CAPTION "How much does it cost?"
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