Fifty Nine

Fifty NineFifty Nine

Here we are, the final picture from the original link. If you’re interested I talk about the series of scripts here in my latest newsletter.

1. Tight shot on a folded newspaper sitting on a dresser. ABUSERS SLAIN screams the headline. A sub heading beneath tells of former staff members of a disgraced children’s home being slain. A number of BULLETS are strewn across the newspaper.

CAPTION: The bullets all have their own purpose.

2. Static shot. A pair of hands begin to load the bullets into a REVOLVER.

CAPTION: They are my little story-tellers.

3. CUT TO a shot of a WOMAN looking into the mirror sitting atop the dresser. She’s in her early 30s with dark, closely cropped hair. She’s wearing a plain white t-shirt as she stares into the mirror intensely.

CAPTION: They close the loop and give me peace of mind.

4. A view from inside an open wardrobe as the stands before it. There’s nothing in there but a row of adult versions of the black dress seen in the picture above.

CAPTION: They are the final act…

5. CUT TO the woman walking down the driveway of a beautiful house somewhere in a picturesque suburb. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, all offset by the woman walking down the driveway, the revolver handing limply from her right hand.

CAPTION: …and the start of something new.

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