Fifty One

Fifty OneFifty One

1. TIGHT on A YOUNG WOMAN, wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers as she lies sprawled out and face down on a dusty road lined with yellow cobblestones. A small white Jack Russell licks her ear, trying to get her to wake up.

CAPTION: Gosh it would be awful pleasin’…”

YOUNG WOMAN: Cuht it aht

2. The young woman groggily looks up, swatting the dog away half-heartedly with her hand. She looks up towards us.

CAPTION: …to reason out the reason…

YOUNG WOMAN: I said cut it out.

3. We pull out, seeing her surroundings for the first time - a rolling, vast desert. Running through it and across the dunes is the cobblestone road, lined on either side by a grey stone wall. The road, the wall and the young woman all look frightfully out of place.

YOUNG WOMAN: Worst hangover ever.

CAPTION: …for things I can’t explain.”

4. We’re now looking at the young woman from an angle high up and behind her, as if from the POV of someone watching her from atop one of the dunes.

CAPTION: Then perhaps I’ll deserve yuh and even be worthy of yuh.”

5. CUT TO: the thing/creature in the photo at the top. It rides a large beast that looks like a shaggy-haired gerbil. Both of them look towards the young woman (off panel), as the rider grins its grin.

CAPTION: If I only had a brain.”

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