Fifty Six

Fifty SixFifty Six

1. A WOMAN in her late 20s sits in a simple wooden boat on a dark, grey looking pond. She’s thin and wiry with a huge shock of curly hair sitting atop her head giving her a frazzled look. She peers over the edge of the boat cautiously, peering into the water below.

VOICE (TAILLESS): — because you’ll never amount to anything.

VOICE (TAILLESS): In fact, why even bother starting?

2. Tight on the WOMAN, her face a picture of frustration and confusion as she peers at the surface.

VOICE (TAILLESS): I think maybe you were always like this.

VOICE (TAILLESS): Obviously, whatever they’re giving you isn’t working.

VOICE (TAILLESS): Yeah, I think you were always like this.

3. The surface of the water, nothing but the WOMANs reflection peering back at her.

VOICE (TAILLESS): There’s no shame in mediocrity.

VOICE (TAILLESS): Millions of people do it every day.

VOICE (TAILLESS): All you have to do is let go.

VOICE (TAILLESS): It really is that sim –

4. She looks up hopefully, as if hearing something for the first time.

Note: The dialogue’ here would be in the form of SFX, permeating on the image of the panel somehow rather than being separated by a word balloon.


5. As the first panel. The WOMAN sits alone on the boat on the dark, grey pond. Behind her, just out of sight is a white dove, cast in a brilliant bright light.

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