Fifty Three

Fifty ThreeFifty Three

Panel 1: Wide panel. A beautiful cityscape. A wondrous combination of modern architecture and nature - an ideal future made real. People traipse down the open boulevards, smiling and laughing.

  1. DOCTOR (CAPTION): Did you know we haven’t had a murder in over 8 years? Odd, right? Like we just forgot it was something that happened.”

  2. PETE (CAPTION): Where are you doing with this, Doc?”

  3. DOCTOR (CAPTION): We live in an age of wonder, Pete. Unlimited possibility.”

Panel 2: Cut to: PETE. Pete is in his 40s, bald, a little bit overweight, a man mountain turned to wet play-doh. He faces us, perched on the end of a hospital type bed, a sad look on his face.

  1. DOCTOR (OFF): And yet here you are, in my office, in the same old rut.

Panel 3: Pan to a DOCTOR sat on a stool a few feet away from Pete. We can see we’re in the curtained off area of a doctor’s office. The Doctor is a similar age to Pete with a mop of curly blonde hair and a sparkly demeanour.

  1. DOCTOR: We’ve tried everything and still you’re despondent.

  2. PETE: None of it matters.

Panel 4: Back on Pete, still sad.

  1. PETE: I don’t mean life, before you start.

Panel 5: Cut to life in the city once again - a young family in the town square, walking hand in hand towards wherever it is they’re going, all impossibly happy.

  1. PETE (CAPTION): The buildings, the tech, living until you’re a hundred and twenty.”
  2. PETE (CAPTION): There’s still that voice telling me I don’t deserve any of it.”
  3. PETE (CAPTION): It tells me not to bother getting out of bed today, or not to go into work.”

Panel 6: Cut back to Pete, trying to smile, failing as he points towards his own head.

  1. PETE: None of that is out there, Doc. It’s all in here.
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