Happy New Year!

1 We OPEN on a long metal bridge. Leaning on the edge, looking over, is a mopey looking GUY in his early 20s. He looks frazzled, kind of restless. Above him in the sky fireworks shatter the darkness with explosive colour.

CAPTION: He'd wished and hoped things had been different a million times before.

2. We push in tighter on the GUY. His eyes closed now. We can see he’s been crying, eyes blotchy and red.

CAPTION: This year had been harder than most.

3. Closer in on the GUY, almost an extreme close up now. Eyes squinted shut tightly. Concentrating. Wishing. Hoping.

CAPTION: So he wished just that little bit more.

4. The GUY has opened his eyes and turns to look back up the road that runs across the bridge, a look of shock on his face.

CAPTION: But things happen for a reason.

CAPTION: To wish them away is to court chaos. CAPTION: Reality isn’t multiple choice.

5. Large panel. We’re looking down the bridge, the GUYs head in the bottom of the panel. Lumbering towards him through the sparse New Year’s traffic is a TYRANNOSAURUS REX.

CAPTION: He learnt that the hard way.
January 1, 2017 · 1page1shots

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