Forty Five

Forty FiveForty Five

1. Wide panel. We’re looking through a sniper’s scope. A strange, TWO-LEGGED BIRD, ostrich-like in appearance, thunders across a flat desert landscape. Sitting atop it is a RIDER wearing white robes.

CAPTION (SPOTTER): There. Exactly where they said she’d be.”

CAPTION (SNIPER): I’m curious.”

CAPTION (SPOTTER): I’ve told you about that.”

CAPTION (SNIPER): Indulge me.”

2. CUT TO: a man, the SPOTTER. He’s weather beaten like old leather and peers over the edge of a sand dune, lying on his chest. He clutches a pair of binoculars. Next to him, also belly down on the cusp of the dune, is a woman, the SNIPER. She’s much younger than the man, but her eyes indicate she’s seen just as much. She peers through the scope of what can ony be described as a mix between a Barratt sniper rifle and a pneumatic drill. Both figures are swathed in dark robes to shield themselves from the desert’s elements.

SNIPER: Money was no object here. No negotiation. No bullshit. Just the job.

3. Back in the sniper scope. The BIRDs vigorous movement across the desert has kicked up clouds of sand, obscuring the sniper’s view.

CAPTION (SNIPER): What the fuck did she do?”

CAPTION (SPOTTER): Nothing. It’s what she has. Look closer. Clipped to her belt.”

4. A small inset inside Panel 3. CU on the SNIPER as she opens her closed eye, peering up from the scope slightly.

SNIPER: The hell? Is that…?

5. A small inset on the left of Panel 6. A small flask clipped to the RIDERs belt. Clear liquid inside. Water.

CAPTION (SNIPER): That’s water.”

6. An aerial shot of the TWO LEGGED BIRD continuing on its journey. Nothing but desert as far as the eye can see.

CAPTION (SPOTTER): Only water on the planet. Once she gets to someone with a replicator, the sky’s the limit.”

7. A small inset on the right hand side of Panel 6. The crosshairs of the sniper’s rifle rest on the determined young face of the RIDER.

CAPTION (SPOTTER): Do you understand now?” No more questions.”

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