In a bit of odd synchronicity, this week I started to play Dishonoured 2. Some of the art used in the cut-scenes looked familiar to me. Sure enough, it seems Sergey Kosolov was actually hired by Arkane Studios in an artistic capacity!

Forty Four

Forty FourForty Four

1. We’re somewhere in the badlands of an American desert. A thin, rakish MAN in work trousers, leather boots, a hat and a body-warmer type vest brushes away sand cautiously. He’s standing before a large ridge that juts out of the flat desert landscape. His brushing has started to reveal the outline of something large beneath the sand. Is that a tentacle?

VOICE (TAILLESS): So, it's you is it? The one I've heard rustling above, uncovering me. 

MAN: It's my job. Finding that which is lost. Cataloguing it. 

2. CU on the man. Glasses perch on the end of a nose, screening eyes that are constantly judging those he considers his inferior. He looks disgruntled, annoyed.

VOICE (TAILLESS): I am not an object. I am something older than man itself. The horrors I --

MAN: Please be quiet. I am trying to work. 

3. Close on the man’s hands as he uncovers something else in the sand - a large, hooded eyelid.

4. We stay on the new discovery as the eyelid opens, a black orb beneath stares back out at us.


5. Back on the man, his expression still frozen in a permanent scowl.

MAN: You had your time. It didn't take. 
MAN: Now please... 

6. The man places a dirty worksheet over the eyelid as he begins brushing away the rest of whatever creature rests beneath the desert.

MAN: ...let me work in peace.
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