Nothing fancy this week, I’m afraid.


Forty NineForty Nine

1. The exact same shot as the picture above. A small, spindly lizard-type creature leaps into thick green water, somewhere in a murky swamp. In the background we see the grim, cold visage of what looks like a giant grey piranha.

2. The same swamp. The piranha creature is dragged into the depths by huge tentacles attached to what can only be described as an octopus crossed with a bull. The piranha creature doesn’t even struggle, quietly accepting its fate.

3. The bull-octopus is carried writhing off into the sky by a creature that looks like a griffin made out of living stone. It has incredibly long talons with stone barbs up and down them. The more the bull-octopus struggles, the more it hurts itself on the barbs.

4. The stone-griffin jerks its head upwards and begins to fall from the sky with its prey as a long bullet-shaped projectile punches through its neck, sending chips of stone and blood out of the exit wound.

5. Back on the ground, amid the undergrowth of the swamp is a man, a HUNTER dressed in dark overalls festooned with leather belts and pouches. He holds a large, sleek rifle towards the sky and has his foot up on the neck of the stone-griffin, beaming widely.

6. Same shot. A tremendous bolt of lightning strikes the HUNTER directly, burning him to a crisp and killing him instantly.

7. Insert panel inside Panel 6. The small lizard creature from the first panel munches on the still smoking flesh of the hunter.

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