Forty One

Forty OneForty One

1. CLOSE UP on FREDERICK DRANG. He’s a pale, chubby guy in his 30s. He’s sitting at a long conference table, his wide frame filling the panel. His head sits squatly above his shoulders like an afterthought. He’s wearing a white shirt with a dishwater grey tie.

DEREK (OFF): Frederick, I’ve given you every chance…

2. We CUT TO a much younger FREDERICK (8 years old). He’s wearing the clothes in the main picture, a cap and dark overcoat. He’s sitting on the steps of a tenement building that looks like it will fall over with the next gust of wind. He has a piece of wood shaped like a rifle sitting in his lap, a leather strap affixed to both of its ends. A BLACK CAT sits next to him on the steps. FREDERICK has his hands over his ears.

VOICE (OFF): …but you just keep letting me down.

3. CUT back to the present. Tight on Frederick’s boss, DEREK HAVERS. He’s a sour faced guy in his 50s who looks like a skeleton dipped in wax. He’s dressed in business casual and is standing at the head of the conference table, pointing towards Frederick while he admonishes him.

DEREK: Are you even listening to me, Frederick?

4. Back to the past. Young FREDERICK begins to unattach the leather strap on his wooden rifle, the CAT still by his side.

VOICE (OFF): Stuck in a dream world again, eh?

5. The present. FREDERICK half smiling, trying to keep cool. We zoom out a little to see his notes in disarray on the conference table in front of him and the fact he’s holding a pencil at both ends with his hands.

FREDERICK: I’m try –

DEREK (OFF): Oh come on!

6. The past. Young FREDERICK tensing the leather strap he’s holding with both hands, gritting his teeth slightly.

VOICE (OFF): I’ve heard that before.

7. In the present FREDERICK has stopped smiling. He’s begun to grit his teeth.

DEREK (OFF): What is wrong with you?

8. The past. A profile view as the young FREDERICK looks down at the CAT by his side.

VOICE (OFF): Where is your head at?

9. The present. FREDERICKs mouth open in a silent scream as he SNAPS the pencil in half.

DEREK (OFF): Frederick?

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