Forty Three

Forty ThreeForty Three

1. An Instagram feed shows DUANE, mid 20s, ripped from the pages of a Gap catalog, beaming a well-meaning smile as he stands in the middle of a war-torn village somewhere in Central Africa. He’s wearing a baseball cap and a plain gray t-shirt. He’s holding some building material in his hands. The caption reads Doing my bit to save the world”.

PETE (OFF): Just two likes so far. 

2. CUT TO: the village itself. DUANE is putting the building material back down on the floor. He approaches another guy about the same age, PETE, who was just taking the photo of DUANE from the previous panel. Several of the local workers look at DUANE with quiet rage as they continue to work on the ravaged village.

DUANE: Two? I got thirty just boarding the plane. 

PETE: Should I try another angle? 

3. A two shot on DUANE and PETE. DUANE looks down at the phone dispiritedly.

DUANE: That'd look kinda fake, Pete. 

4. A worried looking local enters the panel, pointing back towards the thick jungle behind him.

LOCAL: Come quick! Bring everybody! An explosion! 

5. DUANE and PETE look at each other with a contained glee.

6. DUANE and PETE run into the jungle as the locals watch them go.

January 22, 2017 · 1page1shots

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