Forty Two

Forty TwoForty Two

Up against it this week (as you can tell)!

1. Three ASTRONAUTS stand triumphant under a scorching sun on the surface of a desert planet, two MEN and a WOMAN. They are still in their suits, but their helmets are off, the atmosphere is breathable here. We can see a spherical LANDING MODULE behind them. They are in the middle of planting a FLAG in the middle of the planet’s dusty soil.

2. The three ASTRONAUTS now stand on a plain elsewhere on the planet in a similar configuration as before. The sun has started to sink below the horizon now and the night approaches. They are out of their spacesuits and wear work overalls. The overalls look a bit tatty with dirt and neglect. One of the men peers towards us, scanning the horizon. The other man looks uncertain, anxiously looking towards the woman of the group.

3. The same three figures on the same desolate landscape. One of the male astronauts wears nothing but a tattered loincloth now. He holds a rock soaked dark with blood and stands over the battered corpse of the other male astronaut. The female astronaut cowers behind him slightly as if afraid their dead colleague may jump up alive at any second.

4. As the original picture - two PRIMATES on a rocky outcrop hold a primitive facsimile of a flag as they peer around cautiously.

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