Panel One: Wide panel. We’re looking down a long, metallic looking throne room. A long red carpet runs down the centre of the room. At the end of the room is a large observation window. Wherever we are, it’s above the atmosphere of the planet below.

Outside the window we see three gigantic TEARDROP SHAPED SPACESHIPS. They dwarf everything around them. Smaller CAPITAL SHIPS of various sizes and shapes crash and burn.

Advisor Cap: “Their Goliaths...we cannot win, your grace.”
Cap: I see that. 
Advisor Cap: “We need to negotiate a surrender, while we still can.”
Cap: I see more than they think. 

Panel Two: Wide panel. A girl aged about twelve years old sits on a large metallic THRONE. This is HALLEY. She wears a simple white robe, her black hair pulled back tightly, giving her a harsh look. Her eyes are so dark they almost look black. She looks out towards us, dwarfed by the throne, her surroundings and the ADVISORS either side of her. The advisors wear simple grey robes with hoods. Space Monks.

Cap: I see their prattling and plotting. 
Cap: I see what they think of me.

Panel Three: CU on the CHIEF ADVISOR, a gaunt man with grey, watery eyes. He’s turned towards Halley, a worried expression on his face.

Advisor: Your grace, their commander is hailing us. 
Halley: Put him through. 

Panel Four: CU on HALLEY. She looks away from the advisor, towards the battle outside.

Halley: Commander. 

Commander (Radio): Your grace. You know why I’m calling. Let’s cut the niceties, shall we?

Panel Five: A glimpse of the madness outside. Ships break apart as the world burns.

Cap: But I am not what they think. 

Commander (Radio): Our Goliaths surround your planet. Your armada is shattered. The tip of the spear is upon your throat. Surrender.

Panel Six: Inset panel. CU on HALLEY, determined and resolute.

Cap: I am so much more. 
Halley: There will be no surrender, Captain. 
Halley: I am not done yet.
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