It’s sometimes hard to fit a conversation into a one page script and get some semblance of a world or story across in the same small space. It’s all balance. Going forward, I wonder if it’s worth trying to work a three act structure (no matter how basic) into the page.

This week’s edition is entirely influenced by owning a (recently deceased) Betta fish and playing Subnautica.

RIP Namor, old buddy.



1. An aerial shot, very high up, looking down on the surface of an ocean planet. We can see small islands dotted around on the surface. But mostly there’s just endless ocean.

1 CHEN CAPTION: “Mariko, please calm yourself!”

2 MARIKO CAPTION: “Chen, you would do well to mind your tongue.”

2. Cut to a beach, a line of WOMEN across the sand, all sitting cross legged in meditative poses. Each of them wear a simple red kimono and a clear, bubble-like helmet. All of them stare towards the sea.

3 MARIKO CAPTION: “Remember who you are talking to.”
4 MARIKO CAPTION: “I am Mariko, I am a seer.”

3. We cut to a school of what look like large red Betta fish swimming in unison across the ocean floor. One of them has split off from the rest and heads in his own direction.

5 MARIKO CAPTION: One with my sisters and through my link with Yuval, one with the oceans that gave us all life.”

4. The lone fish swims towards what looks like a ruined nuclear submarine on the ocean floor.

6 MARIKO CAPTION: He found something, Chen. I saw it”.
7 MARIKO CAPTION: Something not of this world. And he paid for it.”

5. Cut to: a man’s hand gripped tightly around a fishing spear, seconds away from bringing it down towards the lone fish.

7 CHEN CAPTION: “No Egri has ever died through unnatural causes, Mariko”. 

6. The water is full of blood and bubbles, gushing upwards.

7. Cut back to the beach. One of the women has stood up and removed her helmet.

8 MARIKO CAPTION: “And yet here I am. Alone...”

8. Close up on the woman - MARIKO, a harsh looking woman of Japanese appearance in her early 30s. Her dark hair is scraped back tightly, giving her face a rigid look. This is offset by the extreme pain and sorrow she is in right now, her mouth beginning to open in a silent scream.

9 MARIKO CAPTION: “...asking for your help.”
August 7, 2016 · 1page1shots

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