Basic as heck. I apologise. I’ve been walking literally all day. My brain is grasping at straws and stuck in neutral.



1. A shot of some dense woods. It’s night. Snow covers everything.

2. Same shot. A huge red light emanates from somewhere deep in the woods.

3. A huge pulsating dark mass of tentacles, beaks and lifeless eyes levitates from deep inside the woods.

4. The mass begins to change in shape, taking on what looks like the beginnings of a humanoid shape.

5. Standing in the place of the dark mass is a SMALL BOY, eight years old. He’s wearing a dark anorak, trousers and boots.

6. Reverse shot. The boy trudges through the snow towards the small town below, lit up like a Christmas tree.

July 31, 2016 · 1page1shots

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