Panel 1: An establishing WIDE SHOT of an industrial highway in a dense, futuristic cityscape. The cityscape is grey and shabby. The future is here, and it looks like an industrial smokestack. The highways coils around and above the shot, like a snake eating itself. We can see a CONVOY of vehicles moving along the highway, including a RED TRUCK with a SILVER CONTAINER on the back emblazoned with the words MARS MATERIALS. The vehicle in front of it (security) has a log on the side of it that reads EDEN PROJECT.

CAPTION: Terraforming Mars was blasphemy to some. 
CAPTION: A slight against God's natural order. 
CAPTION: Some would kill to maintain this balance. 

Panel 2: TIGHT on a GIRL crouching down behind a high-vis construction barrier. She’s around twelve years old, pale skinned with dark hair in a short bob that looks like it was done with garden shears. She’s wearing a white medical gown, her grimy fingers holding a pistol that looks like it could take down a rhino. The girl is expressionless, looking down at the concrete slightly.

CAPTION: The girl was not one of these people. 
CAPTION: Poor, faceless, nameless, just another statistic. 

Panel 3: A shot of the LEAD DRIVER in the convoy, shocked and horrified, as he swerves his vehicle suddenly.

CAPTION: Scooped up, used, and reprogrammed to fulfill a purpose she didn't believe in. 
RED CAPTION: Raise the gun. 
RED CAPTION: Stop those who would damn us all. 

Panel 4: A CRANE SHOT maybe, the CONVOY hurtles forward, some beginning to swerve violently as they see the GIRL in the medical gown standing motionless, arms at her side, on the highway not fifty feet in front of them. Further along the highway we see the construction barrier and roadworks she was using to conceal herself.

Letterer Note: The red caption box here should be overlaid over the first caption slightly so we don’t see the rest of what it says.

CAPTION: Soon, everyone would know
RED CAPTION: Do it. Shoot the driver. 

Panel 5: Above the shoulders shot of the GIRL looking right at us, the smallest hint of strain and conflict on her face.

Letterer Note: The red caption box here should be overlaid even more over the first caption now so we see less of it.

CAPTION: She would never
RED CAPTION: Kill them all. Make them suffer. 

Panel 6: Fixed panel. The girl raises the pistol, pointing it towards us and the oncoming convoy.

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