May 7, 2017

Fifty Seven

Fifty SevenFifty Seven

1. On VICTOR, deep in angry thought. He’s in his 40s, scrawny but with a bulbous nose. He’s wearing an orange space suit, the helmet removed but with a black helmet cap on. We’re in the cramped surroundings of

He’s sitting hunched over a small table, an empty bottle of non standard issue vodka in his hands.

VICTOR: It's done. Okay? 

VICTOR: If she had just stopped asking questions then -- 

2. Tight on LEONARD. He’s sat hunched on the opposite side of the table, nursing his own hangover and train of thought.

LEONARD: I liked her.

VICTOR (OFF): Leonard.

3. On VICTOR, his lips curled into a snarl.

Maybe the lettering of the VOICE/WOMAN here should be amplified somehow. It’s not a human voice for sure.

VICTOR: You were part of this too. 

VOICE (OFF): Hello.

4. As the picture above, both men turn to see a WOMAN, naked save a pair of dark boots floating in zero gravity across the room from them. They both look on in astonishment as tiny balls of white light swish around the woman in curved arcs.

VICTOR: We threw you out of the air lock! 


5. On the WOMAN, young and puckish looking. Her face is devoid of emotion, her eyes brimming with pure white energy.

WOMAN: Just this body.
April 30, 2017

Fifty Six

Fifty SixFifty Six

1. A WOMAN in her late 20s sits in a simple wooden boat on a dark, grey looking pond. She’s thin and wiry with a huge shock of curly hair sitting atop her head giving her a frazzled look. She peers over the edge of the boat cautiously, peering into the water below.

VOICE (TAILLESS): — because you’ll never amount to anything.

VOICE (TAILLESS): In fact, why even bother starting?

2. Tight on the WOMAN, her face a picture of frustration and confusion as she peers at the surface.

VOICE (TAILLESS): I think maybe you were always like this.

VOICE (TAILLESS): Obviously, whatever they’re giving you isn’t working.

VOICE (TAILLESS): Yeah, I think you were always like this.

3. The surface of the water, nothing but the WOMANs reflection peering back at her.

VOICE (TAILLESS): There’s no shame in mediocrity.

VOICE (TAILLESS): Millions of people do it every day.

VOICE (TAILLESS): All you have to do is let go.

VOICE (TAILLESS): It really is that sim –

4. She looks up hopefully, as if hearing something for the first time.

Note: The dialogue’ here would be in the form of SFX, permeating on the image of the panel somehow rather than being separated by a word balloon.


5. As the first panel. The WOMAN sits alone on the boat on the dark, grey pond. Behind her, just out of sight is a white dove, cast in a brilliant bright light.

April 23, 2017

Fifty Five

Fifty FiveFifty Five

1. Thin, wide, panel. A lush forest sits on the side of a beautiful rolling hill. The morning mist lingers above the trees and the sun has just begun to stir in the sky. It’s already a beautiful day.

CAPTION (GIRL): Says here the local wildlife were revered as manifestations of the Gods and –”

CAPTION (GUY): It really says that?”

CAPTION (GIRL): Why is that shocking?”

2. Cut to two young HIKERS walking down amid the trees. Both wear the usual North Face equipment that looks like it’s never been used. They’re both in their early 20s. He has kind of a preppy look about him while she seems much more laidback and down to earth. She’s thumbing through a guidebook of some sort. Both are chatting and smiling as they ascend the hill.

GUY: Well, animals are kind of dumb, no?

GIRL: I guess.

3. CLOSE on the GUY as he begins to recall something, smiling a little at the mental flashback.

GUY: Okay, take my mum’s cat. That thing was driven by its stomach to the detriment of everything else. GUY: In fact, I once managed to trap it in a box for an hour with a half eaten tuna sandwich.

4. Tight on the GIRL, a little puzzled, but smiling too.

GUY (OFF): Yeah, let’s worship that.

GIRL: Well, things were different then.

5. Pull out. The GIRL, on the left, looks at the GUY. The GUY is looking up slightly, eyes wide, completely terrified.

GIRL: Also, I think you’re taking it a bit too literally –

GUY: Holy fuck.

6. Large panel. A large CAT sits above the forest on the highest peak. It’s head is turned towards us, it’s eyes piercing through the mists and looking right at us.

CAPTION (GUY): Mr Kibbles?”

April 16, 2017

Fifty Four

Fifty FourFifty Four

1. An old retro looking lava lamp sits on a cluttered workbench. The contents of the lamp look pallid and yellow like old wallpaper. The metal of the lamp is rusting at the edges. It’s seen better days.

BLUE CAPTION: "So, it's magic?"

RED CAPTION: "I don't -- I mean, I guess so."

BLUE CAPTION: "You said it grants wishes."

2. Cut to an OLD MAN, peering down at the lamp. He wears clothes fit for a man twenty years his junior. A t-shirt. Jeans. He looks a little bit dishevelled. Like the lamp, he’s seen better days.

RED CAPTION: "I said it grants the heart's desire."

BLUE CAPTION: "What's the difference?"

3. The old man places his hands on the lamp reverently.

RED CAPTION: "Buy it and find out."

BLUE CAPTION: "Anyone ever fall for this?"

4. Wide panel. We pull out a little, seeing the lamp on the workbench, the old man and the cluttered, half falling down shed he’s in. We can see bits of motorbikes strewn everywhere or bursting out of containers. The old man seems constrained by all this mess and clutter.

RED CAPTION: "I got other customers. Have a nice --" 

5. Wide panel. Static. Everything the same. But the old man is gone.

BLUE CAPTION "How much does it cost?"
April 9, 2017

Fifty Three

Fifty ThreeFifty Three

Panel 1: Wide panel. A beautiful cityscape. A wondrous combination of modern architecture and nature - an ideal future made real. People traipse down the open boulevards, smiling and laughing.

  1. DOCTOR (CAPTION): Did you know we haven’t had a murder in over 8 years? Odd, right? Like we just forgot it was something that happened.”

  2. PETE (CAPTION): Where are you doing with this, Doc?”

  3. DOCTOR (CAPTION): We live in an age of wonder, Pete. Unlimited possibility.”

Panel 2: Cut to: PETE. Pete is in his 40s, bald, a little bit overweight, a man mountain turned to wet play-doh. He faces us, perched on the end of a hospital type bed, a sad look on his face.

  1. DOCTOR (OFF): And yet here you are, in my office, in the same old rut.

Panel 3: Pan to a DOCTOR sat on a stool a few feet away from Pete. We can see we’re in the curtained off area of a doctor’s office. The Doctor is a similar age to Pete with a mop of curly blonde hair and a sparkly demeanour.

  1. DOCTOR: We’ve tried everything and still you’re despondent.

  2. PETE: None of it matters.

Panel 4: Back on Pete, still sad.

  1. PETE: I don’t mean life, before you start.

Panel 5: Cut to life in the city once again - a young family in the town square, walking hand in hand towards wherever it is they’re going, all impossibly happy.

  1. PETE (CAPTION): The buildings, the tech, living until you’re a hundred and twenty.”
  2. PETE (CAPTION): There’s still that voice telling me I don’t deserve any of it.”
  3. PETE (CAPTION): It tells me not to bother getting out of bed today, or not to go into work.”

Panel 6: Cut back to Pete, trying to smile, failing as he points towards his own head.

  1. PETE: None of that is out there, Doc. It’s all in here.
March 26, 2017

Fifty Two

Fifty TwoFifty Two

Somehow I made a shot of a sentient hairball into a strip about toxic relationships.


Four wide panels stacked atop each other.

1. A woman in her early 20s, oval face, classically beautiful, stands in front of a bathroom mirror. She’s smiling at herself as she brushes a beautiful head of perfect, straight, almost waist length black hair.

CAPTION: No, I like your hair.”

CAPTION: I just think it might look cool shorter.”

CAPTION: I mean you’ve had it that way since forever, right?”

2. The same woman, the same pose, the same bathroom. She’s in her mid-twenties now. Her hair is a lot shorter, down to her shoulders now. She brushes it, smiling slightly though not with the same enthusiasm.

CAPTION: Yeah, no, I like it.”

CAPTION: I do! What’s wrong? Why are you being like this?”

CAPTION: It’s just hair. It’ll grow back. What’s the big deal?”

CAPTION: You’re projecting. I didn’t make you cut your hair.”

3. The same woman, the same pose, a different bathroom. It’s smaller, cramped and a little bit drab. She’s in her early 30s now and her hair is even shorter now. She’s just about able to tuck it behind her ears. She fusses and toys with it, a blank expression on her face.

CAPTION: You cut it again?”

CAPTION: Is this you trying to make a point?”

CAPTION: No, I listen to you all the time.”

CAPTION: I’m not talking over you.”

CAPTION: Fine. Have some space. I’m going out.”

4. The same woman, the same post, the same bathroom. She’s in her mid 30s now, though she looks older. Her hair is shaved and her hands grip the basin as if to steady herself. She looks with resentment and anger back at her reflection.

Note: At this point maybe the captions should be larger, almost overpowering the image.

CAPTION: I’m sorry too.”

CAPTION: No, we can go back to how it was.”

CAPTION: Yeah. We can do all of those things.”

CAPTION: The past is the past, baby.”

CAPTION: Hey, you should grow your hair again.”

CAPTION: I always liked your hair long.”