Panel 1: An olive-skinned man in his mid 20s, dressed in a dark brown t-shirt and green combat trousers peers through the scope of a SNIPER RIFLE somewhere on a deserted rooftop.

CAPTION: I'm just given a set of orders. 
CAPTION: Go here. 

Panel 2: We cut to a view through his rifle scope. We see a white Mercedes, grimy with sand, bouncing along the road somewhere below. The car is heading towards us and the scope is zoomed in on the man in the passenger seat. He is in his early 30s and dressed in a light green hooded jacket with a bright orange t-shirt underneath. He is wearing a pair of sunglasses and has some kind of important looking lanyard/badge hanging around his neck.

CAPTION: Wait for this man to appear. 

Panel 3: A horizontal panel - two bullets in flight, cutting through the air from left to right. No background detail. Just the bullets against a simple black background.

CAPTION: Pull the trigger. 

Panel 4: We cut to an angled shot of the windscreen of the Mercedes. Two bullet holes have been punched through the glass, the red mist of blood settling on the glass in places. Parts of the glass have spider-webbed with the impact. Inside the car itself we see a figure slumped forwards, but we’re unable to make out who it is.

CAPTION: I don't think about who they are, what they loved or what they feared. 

Panel 5: Through the rifle scope we see the passenger leaving the car, screaming for help.

CAPTION: I'm here to take all of that away. 

Panel 6: Cut back to the olive-skinned man on the rooftop. He looks up from his scope towards his target. He smiles with grim satisfaction.

CAPTION: Just point...

Panel 7: Wide panel. We cut to a drone feed. We’re looking down at the rooftops below. On one of them is the lone figure of the olive-skinned man, smack bang in the middle of a targeting reticule.

CAPTION: ...and shoot.
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