What can I say? Some weeks you have it and the idea just flows without prompt or obstacle. And some weeks it’s just crap you cram in at the last minute because you’ve been coming up blank all week. Enjoy :/



1. Close on a GNARLED HAND turning the mini-valve on top of a CANISTER. The pointer on the valve’s gauge is in the red. High dosage ahoy.

 1 RED CAPTION: “Stop...look!”

2. Large-ish establishing shot of a stuffy looking study. Oak panelling, walls lined with books of all shapes and sizes. Tobacco smoke clings to the ceiling like clouds. And leather, so much leather. An OLD MAN, with thick white hair in a side parting wearing a tweed suit sits in a high-backed LEATHER CHAIR. The canister we saw in the previous panel stands by his chair, a clear plastic tube leads from the top of the caister and onto a face mask that covers the old guy’s mouth and nose. Amongst the detritus is a large pile of a fantasy novel entitled ARMY OF MIDNIGHT: CEDRIK’S REVENGE.

2 BLUE CAPTION: “You’re putting me off my flow, Cedrik.”

3 YELLOW CAPTION: “Ignore him, hit him again.”

3. Tight on the OLD MANs face. He’s grinning under the mask, the gas beginning to take hold.

4 BLUE CAPTION: “Oh, krokk, he’s right. Over there by the trees.”

4. Cut to: a small clearing in the centre of a dark and twisted forest. It’s day, but you wouldn’t know it. The trees here are thick, twisting around each other. In the clearing a small circle of GOBLINS are gathered and cheering. In the middle of the circle two other GOBLINS fight each other with their fists.

5 GOBLIN SPECTATOR: Stop fighting!

6 GOBLIN SPECTATOR 2: This don’t cancel any bets, okay?

5. The two GOBLINS pause mid punch. One of them looks over his shoulder towards us. They look even more annoyed now (if that’s possible).

7 GOBLIN FIGHTER 1: Krokk, he’s creepy. What’s he even looking at?

6. A few yards away from the clearing stands the OLD MAN from the study. He’s scribbling in a small, but fancy looking, notebook.

7. The same Goblin from Panel 5 faces the old man and points a finger at him, affecting a pose like the picture at the top of the post.

8 GOBLIN FIGHTER: Hey buddy, don’t you know it’s rude to stare?
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