I would have liked to take a bit more time with this one. I would have done another pass or two on the captions. But I said I’d have these up every Sunday and I’ve spent 80% of the day traveling and I need to get it out there. Sorry, Six but that’s just the way it is.


Panel 1: We OPEN on a stocky, tree trunk of a man called DEX. He’s in his late 50s, wearing a beat up leather jacket, a lumberjack shirt and some jeans. We get the sense he’s seen horrid things. The white, slug shaped scars on his hands suggest he’s been responsible for a few of them too.

DEX is placing a dog collar around the neck of a black and white Staffordshire bull terrier. This is ROXY. She sits passively. DEX is smiling. But it’s a smile heavy with regret.

CAPTION: Her name is Roxy. Named after an ex. She said I wasn’t caring. Life’s funny.

DEX: Good girl. 

Panel 2: DEX drives a pickup truck through the night. Windows rolled down, arm leaning on the door. In the seat next to him Roxy sits happily, scanning the road ahead.

CAPTION: I've done bad things. Here at the end, I think of ways to make peace with that before I go quietly. It's more than I deserve. 

RADIO/MUSIC: -- little things I should have said and done -- 

Panel 3: Roxy sits looking towards us. She’s on a beach. It’s still night. Her head is cocked quizzically.

CAPTION: Roxy is going the other way. She's the most caring living thing I've known. 

Panel 4: CUT TO: DEX sitting opposite Roxy. He’s sitting on a washed up log on the same beach. He’s holding a silenced pistol in his hands. He’s crying.

CAPTION: But the last few months she's gotten meaner. Snapping, growling. A madness is taking hold. 

Panel 5: ROXY has walked across the sand towards DEX. She rubs her head against his hands and the pistol.

CAPTION: It doesn't happen often. But it happens enough. 

Panel 6: Wide panel. We see DEX sitting on the log. We can see ROXY lying down on the floor next to him. Did he pull the trigger? Or is she just sleeping? We have no idea.

The waves lap at the shore as the sky is lit in neon orange as the promise of a new day begins to shine.

CAPTION: I never flinched before. Never doubted the finger on the trigger. 
CAPTION: But I’m a selfish old man with a sliver of light in a bottomless void. 
CAPTION: Let me have this one good thing for one more day.
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