An exact reproduction of the above picture. A thick, green jungle. The strange CREATURE on the left, milky and pale with bright red wings, a brown monkey on its back. By it’s feet is a black DUFFEL BAG. On the right, a SCARED GIRL is backed against a tree. We’ll call the girl VYE.

1 CAPTION: She wasn’t used to this body yet. 

2 VYE: Keep it together, Vye. 

3 CAPTION: One simple mistake and it was back to the vats. 


CU on the creature’s face. Something human remains, a glint in the eye maybe. The red monkey tilts its head quizzically.

4 CAPTION: A new start, a new body. 

5  SFX: Hrrrrk?


CU on Vye. Scared still, but trying not to show it.

6 CAPTION: Dying wasn’t forever here. 

7 VYE: Easy...easy...


CU on Vye’s FOOT as it hooks the strap of the duffel bag by the creature’s feet in an attempt to pull it closer.

8 CAPTION: But...


The creature recognises what’s going on and opens its mouth wide, hissing, revealing a large mouth with several rows of razor sharp teeth. The monkey scowls.

9 SFX: Hssssssssssssss

10 CAPTION: ...there are worse things than dying. 

11 VYE (OFF): Easy, Dad...


Back to a shot similar to Panel 1. The girl though is now reaching out towards the creature.

12 VYE:’s me, Vye.
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