A bit of a cheat with some captions this week as I’ve been out all day. I wrote this one on the way back, and I think it shows. However, I’ve already thought on elements of this idea some more and a one shot is forming.


PANEL 1: Wide panel, an ocean spread before us. A small island sits on the horizon.

CAPTION: One day the island was just there. 

PANEL 2: Wide panel, a shot of the rocky shore of the island. Similar in viewpoint to the picture shown above we see a strange cat shaped statue on the short. On the rocks we see two CORPSES, both wearing orange safety jackets and a discarded small BOAT.

CAPTION: We sent men. 
CAPTION: They died. 

PANEL 3: Wide panel, we pan further down the shore. We see military patrol ships beached and run aground in disarray like metal fish dying in the sun.

CAPTION: So we sent more. 

PANEL 4: Wide panel, panning further down the shore we see the crashed remains of a trio of military FIGHTER JETS. Their fuselages look like the exposed ribcages of animals long since dead.

CAPTION: They died too. 

PANEL 5: Wide panel, again panning further down the shore. No more debris. Just a single FIGURE wearing a wetsuit walking up the beach away from the water.

CAPTION: Nothing changed. 

PANEL 6: Inset panel on the right of Panel 5, CLOSE UP on TOMASSON, a blonde woman in her late twenties with steel blue eyes and a defiant jaw. She lifts her chin slightly, breathing in the fresh sea air.

CAPTION: Until woman.
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