1. A woman, ADA runs towards us across a bleak desert landscape. There are no clouds in the sky and dunes roll out around her as far as the eye can see. Ada is in her late twenties with a dark complexion and sandy brown hair. She’s quite skinny, almost awkwardly so, under the brown desert gear and poncho she wears.

CAPTION: This planet is dying. Has been since the day I was born. 

2. Ada stops running, turns to look behind her.

CAPTION: So I left it. 

3. CLOSE UP on Ada as she narrows her eyes, focusing on the horizon.

CAPTION: I studied. 
CAPTION: I would save this world. 

4. Large panel. Ada is thrown off her feet as a SNIPER ROUND slams through her stomach, exiting the other side.

CAPTION: I returned with that hope inside of me. 

5. Small inset panel in the lower right corner of Panel 4. Two yellow suns beat down from the blue sky. VULTURE-LIKE CREATURES circle, silhouetted by the sunshine.

6. Ada lies on her back, her blood seeping out onto the sand. Her assassin, a CLOAKED FIGURE with their back to us, stands over Ada. The figure clutches a SNIPER RIFLE that looks like it was designed by Cronenberg and Wally Wood, a fusing of the retro and the new flesh.


7. Small inset panel inside Panel 6. Close up on the cruel, smirking and scarred mouth of Ada’s assassin.

CLOAKED FIGURE: ...your legacy is gone. 
ADA (OFF): Legacy burns...

8. Back on Ada, flat on her back still, very much dying. She smiles as SAPLINGS begin to sprout from her body.

ADA: ...and ignites.
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