Thirty Five


1. This is a vertical panel that runs down the entire left hand side of the page. It shows a strip of film with a series of disturbing images (as shown in the picture above), of a man screaming in horror as something probes his chest.

2. We CUT TO the projection booth. The TEENAGE PROJECTIONIST is slumped unconscious in the corner of the room.

DIETRICH (OFF): Remind me again why this is a good idea. 

3. We pan around to see two people near the projector itself. The first figure is SANDERS. He looks like a punk rock bank clerk. All wire-rim glasses and rebellious swagger. The second figure, DIETRICH, is a slight fair-haired woman barely out of her teens. She hovers in the background as SANDERS messes with the projector.

SANDERS: Because they need to know the truth. 

DIETRICH: Don't they come here to get away from that? 

SANDERS: Exactly! 

4. Wide panel. We CUT TO the audience in the cinema, staring up at the screen in wonder, their faces bathed in the celluloid glow.

SANDERS (TAILLESS): But it's the only place they let their guard down. 

SANDERS (TAILLESS): The only place they’re looking up, instead of down. 

5. CUT TO DIETRICH, her head cocked. Doubtful.

DIETRICH: I dunno. I've seen this movie and it's not that -- 

6. Back on SANDERS, angry and defiant.

SANDERS: Roll it!
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