Thirty Four


1. Wide shot. A small, run down diner amidst an inner city neighbourhood that’s seen better days. It’s early morning - just a few customers sitting and eating. Amongst them are an elderly looking man and woman in one of the window facing booths.

CARL: Question is, why haven’t we done this sooner? 

AMY: Because you were scared, Carl. 

2. Wide shot. We push in a little more on the old pair in the window. They each hold a cup of coffee to their mouths as they eye each other warily across the formica table.

CARL: You ignored every message. 

AMY: So you keep saying. 

3. Profile shot on the OLD MAN. He’s looking right towards the old woman opposite him. He cups the coffee mug in his hands. He’s slightly hunched over, a few liver spots on his skin, and he has a hooked nose. Despite his age he has a full head of thick white hair. We’ll call him CARL.

CARL: You want to know what I think?

4. Profile shot on the OLD WOMAN. She faces left towards Carl. She’s black, her hair grey in places. Her skin looks soft. Her age only shows when she smiles. She isn’t smiling. This is AMY.

AMY: No. Can we just do this? 

5. Push in more on CARL.

CARL: You’re just as scared as I am. 

6. Push in more on AMY.

AMY: Or, we’re doing this now...

7. Wide shot. A deserted street somewhere in the neighbourhood. Carl is on the left, cloak over his normal clothes. He stands with a broomstick in his hands. On the right is Amy. Like Carl she has a cloak over her normal clothes now, hood pulled up. She clutches a broomstick too.

CAPTION: “...because we’re the only ones left.”
November 20, 2016 · 1page1shots

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