Thirty Nine


1. Large footprints in the snow trail off into the distance as a light blizzard obscures the landscape.

CAPTION: I think we’re all familiar with the where and the who…”

2. We CUT TO an interview room somewhere in a police station. The room is poorly lit, shining a spotlight on the man seated at the table below — SANTA. He looks battered, bruised and bloody. He looks across the table towards us.

VOICE (OFF): why don't you fill us in on the why?

SANTA: Fair enough. Can I smoke?

3. CUT TO the brightly coloured door of Santa’s workshop shattering off its hinges. Behind it we see the crouched, hulking figure of the ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN. He looks pissed.

CAPTION: “I've known him a while.”

4. CUT TO back to the interview room. SANTA leans on his hand, smoking like a chimney.

SANTA: I was young. I needed real estate. Space for workshops.

5. CUT back to the workshop as the SNOWMAN grabs SANTA from behind his desk, helper ELVES fleeing in terror.

CAPTION: “So we did a deal.”

6. Back to the interview room, tight on SANTA as he continues to puff away.

SANTA: I guess he finally read the small print.

7. CUT back to Santa’s workshop. Carnage. Everything is shattered and destroyed. In the background we see the SNOWMAN dragging SANTA away through the snow.

CAPTION: “Christmas, right?”
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