An attempt at selling a complete story this time around.

Thirty OneThirty One

Thirty One

Five wide panels stacked atop each other.

1. A commercial jet liner descends from a sky pregnant with the coming dawn.

CAPTION: Every September, George Sanderson makes a journey. 

2. A monthly calendar stuck to a kitchen wall. The month is September, the picture above the month layout shows a silver-haired woman in her sixties waving at the camera whilst she runs a 10K, other runners around her. All of the days in the month are crossed off, apart from today’s date, September 11th.

CAPTION: He has been doing this for 15 years. 

3. A small, shrivelled old man stands by the edge of an airport runway, clutching a bunch of flowers tightly to his chest. This is GEORGE SANDERSON. There are no planes in the sky, the lights of the runway throwing off an eerie light whilst daylight takes its time.

CAPTION: The people at Martha’s Vineyard Airport close the same runway for George for one hour, every year. 

4. It’s daylight now - a new day. Another commercial airliner is descending from the sky, seconds away from touching the runway asphalt.

CAPTION: They figure that can accept the loss... 

5. CLOSE UP on the flowers George has left by the edge of the runway as they blow away in the wake of the landing airliner.

CAPTION: ...whilst George tries to come to terms with his own.
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