Thirty Seven


1. ECU on an EYE as it stares out at us.

NAZ (OFF): Say again?

2. We pull out to reveal the eye belongs to a LARGE FISH strung up on a tarpaulin covered jetty (as in the image). In the background we see grey water and a relentless rain. A woman in her late 20s with dark hair and glasses stands around looking at the fish, an array of scientific equipment spread around the jetty. She wears a rain poncho over her regular clothes. This is NAZ. She’s a scientist.

COMMS (JAGGED): *kzzt* -- still alive -- *kzzt*

NAZ: It’s been on this jetty for hours. Pretty sure it's dead.

COMMS (JAGGED): *kzzt* I’m *kzzt* not a fish --

3. NAZ stands closer to the fish. She takes a high tech looking measuring device to the fish’s eye. We notice a circular speaker on a strap across her chest, a kind of simple comms device.

NAZ: Base, are you fucking with me? Is this you, Georgia?

4. Tight on NAZ, a slightly incredulous look on her face.

COMMS (JAGGED): -- get you to understand --

NAZ: Jesus. Base, the storm is messing with the --

DAX (OFF): Naz!

5. Another scientist, DAX, a young guy with a buzzcut joins her on the jetty. He looks slightly confused.

DAX: They've sent me down here to let you know the comms are down. Have been for the last hour or so. We're...

6. NAZ, shocked, turns to look at the LARGE FISH staring back at her.

DAX (OFF): Naz?
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