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Thirty Six


1. Tight on a strong-jawed old man in his 80s, turned to face us as he sits. This is GUS. It’s the kind of camera angle employed in a talking heads documentary. Behind him we can see pictures of family spread across a wall, evidence of a long life well lived. GUS is holding a finger up to make a point.

VOICE (OFF): So, the creature -

GUS: Abe. His name was Abe.

2. Still on GUS. The angle unchanging.

VOICE (OFF): Okay. What was Abe like?

GUS: Kind. Maybe too kind.

3. Wide panel. Afternoon in July 1953, somewhere on the slopes of Pork Chop Hill in Korea. The landscape is battered, grey and desolate (). Everything is grey, churned earth, dead trees and littered corpses. A torrential rain pours from the heavens. Amid the chaos we can see a small group of US SOLDIERS hunkered down behind the husk of a gigantic fallen tree. Also crouched down with them is ABE.

ABE is humanoid in appearance, pale skinned, but bald with no hair. He towers over the SOLDIERS despite crouching. When standing he’s about 10 feet tall. He wears a shoddy looking facsimile of the US SOLDIERs uniform, and has a glass bubble helmet on his head.

GUS (CAPTION): You gotta understand, he came to us in ‘47 with no way to get home.

GUS (CAPTION): He just wanted to give something back to the country that took him in.

GUS: Okay, guys, I know you’re all tired. I know you hate the sight of this goddamn hill.

4. We push in to see that a much younger GUS is one of the SOLDIERS huddled behind the tree. He’s turned to his men, a grim look on his face. From off panel, ABEs gloved hand grips GUS shoulder.

GUS: But just one more push and --

ABE (OFF): Gus.

GUS (CAPTION): He had a lot to give.

5. Pan around to ABE, smiling for the first time as he tries to comfort those around him.

ABE: I have seen this moment. We will take this hill together. All of us together.

VOICE (CAPTION): What did you take from Abe? What did you learn?

6. We stay on ABE as a sniper’s bullet shatters his helmet, passing clean through his head on the other side. He has a look of slight surprise on his face.


7. Cut back to the present, an elderly GUS still faces the camera.

GUS: A bullet is still faster than premonition.
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