It’s been a week, right?

I tried something without words (yeah, again), because I just wanted to write something that made me feel good this week. In the words of Depeche Mode, enjoy the silence.

Thirty Three


1. We’re on Mars, a CU on the ROBOTIC ARM of the rover, Curiosity.

2. CUT TO a shot of the MAST-CAM on Curiosity. The rover is idle - hibernating.

3. ZOOM OUT a little to see a shot of Curiosity lost amongst the dunes of Mars, totally alone.

4. Wide panel. The sun goes down on Mars. Something like this.

5. CUT back to Curiosity. A similar shot to Panel 3, but the strange alien-looking rover from the picture above has begun to roll into view from the right side of the panel.

6. The two rovers, Curiosity on the left, and the alien rover on the right look at each other, a yard or two apart.

7. CU on the ROBOTIC ARM of the Curiosity, as per the first panel, only this time the PINCER ARM of the alien rover is touching it, locking claws.

November 13, 2016 · 1page1shots

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