I missed this last week as I was moving house.

Thirty Two


1. A CLOSE UP on a human SKULL sitting on a thick tree branch.

VOICE (off): I was meant for bigger things than this you know. 

2. We pull out a little as a bronze TALON appears from above, its three-clawed tips wrapped around the skull.

VOICE (off): I was going to save a city, then save the world. 

3. Pull out again to reveal that the talon belongs to a huge, intimidating OWL. There is something artificial about the owl. It looks too perfect, its yellow eyes a little too pristine. This thing was made, not born.

OWL: Traffic systems, economies, patrol routes. 
OWL: You name it, I would have run it. 

4. The owl twists its talon to bring the skull level with its eyes. Its bright yellow eyes peer into the hollow sockets, looking for an elusive truth.

OWL: But they put me in this...thing instead. A glorified puppet. 

5. The skull explodes into a white dust as the owl pinches the claws on its talon together.

OWL: No wonder you’re extinct.
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