Here’s the latest entry. Maybe next week I’ll actually do a strip with dialogue :/

PANEL 1: Morning. Wide, establishing shot of a snow covered mountain rage. The main thing here is to get a sense of scale. These things look like the broken teeth of a giant.

CAPTION: Not many would understand why I do this. 
CAPTION: “Because they’re there” would not be an adequate answer I presume. 

PANEL 2: CUT TO: a CLOSE UP on the face of a young man in his mid twenties as he lies on a floor of tightly packed snow. He’s handsome and boyish dressed in extreme climbing gear. His eyes are closed. His face is drained of colour. He’s dead. A blizzard rages.

CAPTION: Empathy is perhaps the only answer I can muster. 

PANEL 3: CUT TO: a trail of human footprints, slowly being erased by the quickly falling snow. Running parallel to it is a larger set of tracks. Something with three large toes. Something decidedly not human.

CAPTION: I am like them in some ways and in others I differ greatly.  

PANEL 4: Wide panel. We see a HUGE FURRY SHAPE (as per the original image) crouched over the corpse of the young man from Panel 2 as the blizzard continues. This thing towers over the corpse, making it look like a doll in comparison. The FURRY SHAPE is scooping the corpse up, holding it delicately.

CAPTION: I am the last of my kind as far as I can tell. 

PANEL 5: It’s evening now, night starting to close in as the snow still falls. We can see the LARGE FURRY SHAPE cradling the corpse of the young man as it carries it down the mountain side.

CAPTION: I know the pain of loss. 
CAPTION: Lack of answers can cast you adrift. 

PANEL 6: Night, the moon the only thing in the night sky. We’re further down the mountain side now, somewhere where conditions are much calmer. The YETI, crouching down slightly, has begun to set down the corpse in the snow as reverently as it picked it up.

CAPTION: So I deliver their dead, make sure they are found. 
CAPTION: I give them a body to go with their grief. 

PANEL 7: CLOSE on the FURRY SHAPEs face. It’s a YETI type creature. His face beneath the fur almost seems human in its expression. He looks saddened.

CAPTION: Closure is all I have to offer them.
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