Panel 1: Wide shot, beautiful, green, rolling farmland. Hills as far as the eye can see. Meadows full of life and a picture perfect farmhouse nestled amongst it all.

BERT (singing): All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small...

Panel 2: CUT TO a CLOSE UP on BERT. He’s somewhere in his late 60s, completely bald, with a gnarled, lined face that makes him look like living oak. He’s wearing a tatty pair of work overalls, and is looking towards us in supreme concentration.

BERT (singing): All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made --

Panel 3: PAN RIGHT slightly to see HOLLY, a woman in her early 20s just behind Bert’s shoulder. Her hair is cropped short in a haphazard manner. Her clothes, like everything else about her, is homemade and falling apart.

HOLLY: Nope. 

Panel 4: CLOSE UP on a paint brush as it glides across a canvas, painting the scene we saw in the first panel.

BERT: Dummkopf. 

Panel 5: On BERT as he looks up from his canvas towards us/the scene before him.

HOLLY (off): Yeah, yeah. I hate to tell you this, old man...

Panel 6: Wide shot, a black and grey flattened landscape. Everything is ash and stone, only the hills remain.

CAP (HOLLY): “...but God had nothing to do with this.”
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