Twenty EightTwenty Eight

I ran a 15K today. I then came home and went out for dinner. I have just got back. The below is a product of the day I’ve had and all the sleep I want right now.

Twenty Eight

1 As the image above. A strange twisted half machine, half biological being crouches on a jutting rock.

CAP: Emerson, the experiment was not a success. I’m so sorry.

2 Push in on the black visor that shields the being’s face.

CAP: I know it was the last chance for you.

3 The visor begins to move upwards with a hiss of steam escaping from the mask.

CAP: I’ll make sure Fran never knows.

4 The face beneath is human. An old man. Milky white eyes. Blind in a former life.

CAP: I hope you’re at peace…

5 Wide panel. We zoom back out, the creature still on the rock. In the background and foreground below the Rocky outcrop a herd of dinosaurs roam in packs across the savannah.

CAP:..wherever you are.

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