Twenty FiveTwenty Five

Twenty Five

1. Golden Age looking comic book panel. A masked, caped superhero all in blue shoots an ENERGY BLAST from his hands up towards the cavern roof of a secret underground lab. This guy is PHOTON. Stalactites and other rubble breaks loose and begins to fall. Beneath this, lies DOCTOR ZERO who looks like Baron Von Strucker by way of Cobra Commander. Something militaristic with a dash of the mad scientist. The supervillain has a large black zero on his black turtleneck jumper. His hands are thrown up instinctively to protect himself from the falling rubble.

CAPTION: I’ve heard people wonder where I am.

PHOTON: You’ve had it, Zero!


2. Push in on Doctor Zero. The rubble is about to crush him, but he’s managed to fire off a beam of energy from his own hands. This beam is infused with runes and arcane symbols.

CAPTION: Doctor Zero was gone, but so was Photon.

DOCTOR ZERO: Even in defeat, I shall have my victory.

3. Close up. The arcane energy beam hits the superhero square in the chest, sending him flying backwards.

CAPTION: Nothing grows where he died.

4. Thin horizontal panel of nothing but black.

CAPTION: Magic, super powers, everything is null and void in this strange brown field.

5. Wide. Present day. A brown landscape, rolling hills in the autumn, churned dirt and soil as far as the eye can see. To the right of the panel we see a tombstone bearing the legend Doctor Zero’. In the middle of the panel in the foreground is a LURCHER dog, its fur grey and dirty. Further in the background on the left we can see a LARGE MECHANICAL DOG standing as if on guard.

Basically the image up top.

CAPTION: And all I can do is sit and hope.

CAPTION: Hope that somehow the evil son of a bitch comes back.

6. Push in on the LURCHER as it continues to sit patiently by the gravestone.

CAPTION: Until then I sit.

7. ECU on the LURCHERs face, a mournful, almost human look in its eye.

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