Twenty NineTwenty Nine

Twenty Nine

1. Two FIGURES encased in Hazmat suits walk through the thick pitch black of an underground rail tunnel. Yellow beams from their flashights cut through the dark.

CAPTION: Expedition 34 Log 3.2.

ROGERS: This is horseshit.

WOMAN:You say that every time we come down here. 

CAPTION: Rogers is an annoying fuck. 

2. Push in on the two figures, a nebbish looking man (ROGERS) in his forties and a sour-faced woman (SCALES) in her thirties can be seen peering from beyond the hazmat masks.

SCALES: You were saying? 

ROGERS: Holy crap. Is that...?

CAPTION: But thirty three previous jaunts with the flannel wearing jerk were worth it to see the look on his face. 

3. Wide. The train from the above picture looms out of the darkness, it’s metal surfaces shine under the searching flashlights as the two FIGURES stand before it.

SCALES: You see any other trains built by a millionaire death cult leader down here? 

ROGERS: It's really real. 

CAPTION: Yes, he really said that. 

4. The male runs his gloved hand across the surface of the train’s front.

ROGERS: We can beat it. Repopulate. Start over. 

CAPTION: I don't share his enthusiasm.

5. The woman grips the man’s hand by the wrist.

CAPTION: I'm a realist. 

SCALES: Careful now. 

6. Close up on the woman, stern-faced.

SCALES: The devil lies within. 

CAPTION: I'm a believer.
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