Twenty OneTwenty One

It’s pulp all the way down this week. I should really start planning these better.

Twenty One

1. Wide, a smoldering MIG-15 JET FIGHTER lies tilted on the ground, waves of sand churned up either side of it as thick smoke trails from the fuselage.

A tall, broad shouldered MAN (as in the picture above) stands atop the jet wearing the uniform of a Russian fighter pilot, circa 1950. He’s holding the cords of a used parachute that trails behind him. The cockpit bubble has been popped on the plane.

Around the jet and the man is a world not like our own. The fauna, the sky, even the colour of the sand are completely alien.

GYORGY CAPTION: “Gyorgy, you will never amount to anything.”

2. Inset panel. CU on the PILOT. He squints under the glare of two suns, staring towards the horizon.

GYORGY CAPTION: “Just like your father.”

3. Wide, from the pilot’s POV we see the fauna petering out before we see the sand dunes of an endless desert laid out before us, sweltering under two pink suns.

Running towards us in the foreground, only a few yards from the pilot, are TWO CREATURES. They look like a cross between a shark and a bear, with wide teeth-filled mouths and what looks like a plexiglass visor over their eyes. They run on all fours, galloping towards us.

GYORGY CAPTION: “The air force? What a waste.”

4. The pilot has drawn his PISTOL and is firing a shot off towards the creatures.


GYORGY CAPTION: But what of me now, mother?

5. One of the CREATURES is hit square in the neck and begins to fall. The other snarls and continues to hurtle forwards.

GYORGY CAPTION: Fallen between the cracks. No way home.

6. The surviving creature LEAPS into the air, up towards the pilot who reels backwards in horror.

GYORGY CAPTION: But I made do.

7. CU on the PILOT, as he begins to fire his pistol upwards at the descending beast.

GYORGY CAPTION: And now I am a king.
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