Twenty SevenTwenty Seven

Twenty Seven

Yeah, I had nothin’ this week.

  1. Aerial panel. Like the image above. A huge MERMAID like creature, dead, blood in the water. Fishing boats gather around it like the predators they are.

  2. A low shot of a large TRAWLER cutting through the water and heading towards us. Nothing but ocean for miles.

  3. A large thick CHAIN splashes into the water.

  4. Wide. The trawler is in the BG of the shot, the chain has begun to be winched back in. The MERMAID breaks the surface, the thick chain wrapped around her neck. She’s quite clearly dead. Blood gushes from a welt on her forehead.

  5. We pan up a little bit as the winching continues. Above the ships in the pale blue sky are several SPACESHIPS shaped like wedges shields.

  6. Another aerial shot, this time from really high up. Beneath us is the planet’s surface. Nothing but ocean. Dotted across the vast blue are huge numbers of spaceships and boats, all winching their prey upwards and away from the ocean.

September 25, 2016 · 1page1shots

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