Twenty SixTwenty Six

Twenty Six

  1. Wide. As the image above. Looking through the windshield of the lit interior of a town car as it drives through the night. In the BG in the back seat is a large, wide-shouldered business man, all muscle turned fat and a suit fit to burst. This is MARKS.

In the FG in the driving seat is SAM (servile assistant mech) - a serious looking man, who stares straight ahead at the road. His name is is visible on the front of the cap of his driver’s uniform.

MARKS: I’m telling you, Sam, we’ve never had it so good.

  1. CU on MARKS as he smirks, a shark’s sneer - all white, expensive looking teeth.

    MARKS: No crime, no dregs strewn over our sidewalks.

  2. CU on the rear view mirror as SAM looks towards it, staring at his passenger in the rear seat.

    MARKS (OFF): No dissent to muddy the water.

  3. Wide. Cut to an exterior shot behind the town car as it drives through a white, antiseptic looking tunnel on a three lane road. Around and in front of the town car we see a number of identical looking vehicles all heading the same way, perfectly spaced apart.

    CAPTION: We finally got some clarity.” CAPTION: Everyone moving in the same direction, that’s all it took.”

  4. Two shot. MARKS leans forwards in his seat, almost whispering into SAMs ear.

    MARKS: But you want to know the real secret behind it all? MARKS: Everyone knows their place now.

  5. CU on SAMs mouth. Just beneath his lower lip we can see the words Servile Assistance Mech raised on his (synthetic) skin. Underneath that are the words Made in the USA.

    SAM: Yes, sir.

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