Twenty ThreeTwenty Three

Twenty Three

That Reynolds is fun at parties.

1. Wide panel, nothing but the emptiness and vastness of space. We see bits of rocking floating in the void, a few stars here and there. But mostly it’s just black nothingness. Amidst it all floats a STARSHIP shaped like a chrome dart.

REYNOLDS CAPTION: “Nothing gold can stay, you know that.”
PILOT CAPTION: “Maybe. I’m more of an optimist.”

2. Wide panel, inside the cockpit of the small starship. The PILOT is a man in his late 50s, with a sallow face and dark circles under his eyes. Once upon a time he was handsome. He wears a retro looking orange spacesuit. The stars from the previous panel are reflected in his visor as he pilots his ship.

REYNOLDS CAPTION: “Because you can afford to be.”

PILOT CAPTION: “Tell me, Daisy, is your husband purposefully trying to kill my mood?”

3. Wide panel, CUT TO a party several years and galaxies ago. It’s in the ballroom of a fancy hotel and a bunch of Hollywood-type folk are gathered. The PILOT is here too. He’s wearing a tux and looks full of life. A handsome square-jawed man is on his arm. They’re chatting with an older husband and wife (REYNOLDS and DAISY) near a table resplendent with food and drink of the highest quality.

 REYNOLDS: I know what it’s like. The roles dry up, you get crazy. 

4. Inset inside 5. CUT TO the cockpit. The PILOTs gloved hand presses the button marked warp-drive.

5. CUT TO a shot of the starship’s engines, dormant.

REYNOLDS CAPTION: “You begin to consider the places you'd go to and the things you’d do to outrun old age or death.”
REYNOLDS CAPTION: “Before you know it…”

6. Cut back to the PILOT in the cockpit, a space-suit wearing SKELETON (as in the image) now behind him in the cockpit. The PILOT looks resigned to his fate.

REYNOLDS CAPTION: “’s here anyway.”
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