Twenty TwoTwenty Two

Twenty Two

1. Wide. We’re looking through the viewfinder of an Instagram-like app as the camera peers through the bedroom window of an unwitting subject. In the centre of the frame is a dark room, a TV blaring in the corner somewhere. In the glow of the cathode tube a grey, pallid looking MAN is taking off a severe looking military uniform. Waiting for him on the bed is a buxom blonde, wearing nothing but silk sheets.

On the left side of the app’s interface we see a leaderboard of sorts with various User IDs and icons with scores in the tens of thousands. On the right side of the app is a mission brief stating 1000 points for information on traitors of the state”.

TESS (OFF): Oh, Colonel Fleming...

2. Inset in the upper left of 3. CU on TESS, the user of the app, a teenger with a shaved head, eyes framed by kohl eyeliner, beaming wildly as she points her phone towards the target. She’s wearing a biker’s leather jacket, studded on one shoulder and two sizes too big for her, some black jeans and a pair of combat boots.

TESS: ...will you ever learn? 

3. Wide. TESS standing on top of a dumpster in a grim, dark alleyway to get her shot, her back to us.

TESS: Here’s to another year of living dangerously.
TESS: And another year of easy points. 

4. Inset in the upper right of 3. A hand covered in silver jewellery of every description reaches in towards TESS ankles, poised precariously on the edge of the dumpster.

DIETRICH (OFF): I got a better idea. 

5. TESS clatters down into the from the dumpster and into a pile of old TRASH CANS lying nearby. It’s not graceful or quiet.


6. Cut to the person responsible — DIETRICH. She’s a year or two older than Tess, with platinum blonde hair curling down over one eye. She’s wearing a pristine looking military jacket (think Bickle) a Cramps t-shirt and leather pants. She looks down at Tess with mock concern, fighting the urge to smile.

DIETRICH: Let’s see you use some actual talent this year, Tess. 
DIETRICH: Clock’s ticking.
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