I’ve been doing dialogue and caption passes all this week. So, it stands to reason this weeks entry would be a silent one.

A set of three vertical panels either side of a larger vertical central panel that extends the length of the page.

Panel One: Looking straight on at the reflective visor of a helmet of a POLICEMAN wearing riot gear. In the visor we see the reflection of a YOUNG BLACK MAN, wearing t-shirt and jeans sprawled across the floor. He’s trying to sit upright as blood pours from his nose.

Panel Two: The same YOUNGSTER holds a hand in front of his face, attempting to shield it from whatever blow the policeman is going to rain down next. His nose is bleeding heavily now and a bruise has started to swell on his right cheek.

Panel Three: A BATON in a gloved hand, smashes across the cheek of the YOUNGSTER. Blood and teeth fly.

Panel Four: The large, vertical central panel running the length of the page shows us the image from the photo. It’s a statue arranged in a kind of column, or Christmas Tree made up of tiny riot police, standing atop each other, with one standing at the top. The base of the statue is made up of riot shields.

Instead of it being deserted though it’s early evening and a crowd of people and photographers gather in front of the piece.

Panel Five: An affluent looking man stands in front of a mirror wearing a tuxedo. It’s early evening, somewhere in a fancy hotel room. The man adjusts his bowtie as he smiles at his reflection.

Panel Six: The same TUXEDO wearing man is now out in the open air. We’re CLOSE on him as he shields his eyes from photographer’s FLASHBULBS from off panel. He grins slightly as he makes his way past them.

Panel Seven: TUXEDO stands facing us. He’s in front of the crowd of photographers, smiling, pretending to be humbled. Behind him we can see the base of the sculpture from Panel Four. Also, his right arm is thrust out towards Panel Four, guiding our eye back to it.

April 3, 2016 · 1page1shots